Meet the Mortgage Managers

Please note our mortgage managers cover specific postcode areas and you should refer to the manager(s) who covers the postcode area you live in currently if you are enquiring as a personal customer or if enquiring as a mortgage professional, the postcode your business operates from and not the postcode where the property you wish to discuss is located. So for example, if you are a broker in postcode SA1, please contact Jane, Tony or Alan irrespective of what postcode the property is located in.
All our front line managers are experienced in dealing with more complex, quirky niche cases as well as straight forward cases. Call us today to discuss how our flexible, tailored, common sense approach to lending can help you and your clients.

Cowbridge Branch

Richard Miles
Direct Dial: 01446 506010
Mobile: 07841 402574

Martin Lewis
Direct Dial: 01792 739162
Mobile: 07885 804550
Postcode Areas
CF1-30, NP1-44
HR3, HR5, LD1-LD8,
SY1-SY16, SY21-SY22
ALL postcodes in England

Lloyd Williams
Direct Dial: 01446 506011
Postcode Areas
CF31-CF48, CF61-CF64,
CF71-CF72, CF81-83,
CH1-CH8, LL11-LL78
Carmarthen Branch

Sioned Jones
Direct: 01267 611950
Mobile: 07545 914850
Postcode Areas
SA14 - SA73, SY17 - SY20 and SY23 - SY25
Swansea / Mumbles Branch

Jane Parker
Direct Dial: 01792 739161
Mobile: 07802 481015

Tony Rees
Direct Dial: 01792 739200
Mobile: 07511 902355

Alan Ellerton
Direct: 01792 739211
Mobile: 07715 991823
Postcode Areas
SA1 - SA13